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Next Dragon Ball Super Movie To Have “Large-Scale Story”


After years of waiting, Dragon Ball fans are getting what they want. Because after years of waiting since the end of the Dragon Ball Super series and years since the release of the Broly movie that extended the series in its own way, we’re going to get another film in the Super line, and many are hoping that things are going to get very fun. So much so that they’re hoping this will create a sequel series to Super as fans REALLY want Dragon Ball back in their lives full-time.

Series creator Akira Toriyama has confirmed that he’s doing both the character designs and the story for the movie, just like he did with Dragon Ball Super: Broly that came out in 2018/2019. But here’s where the twist comes in.

As Toei Animation’s official press release for the film teases, the movieĀ is being planned with the “goal of large-scale story that would build on the enthusiastic response for the previous theatrical series.”

The “previous theatrical releases” is a reference to Battle of the Gods, Resurrection F and Broly, all of which had very strong box office showings. Especially the Broly film.

As if that’s not enough, Toriyama has teased a “surprising” character coming to the film.

Getting back to the “large-scale story” element, that’s a curious thing to note. Battle of the Gods, Resurrection F and Broly all had large stories in their own way, but not in a way that would feel “large-scale.” BOTG introduced Beerus and proved that there were upper-tier fighters we hadn’t met yet. Resurrection F brought back Frieza (only to kill him again) and Broly expanded the history of the Saiyan race.

But, in all of them, the key selling points were the fights. So if this movie is aiming for a “large-scale” story, perhaps the fan hopes are true and they’re trying to go and use the movie to set up the sequel series to Super.