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Next Avatar The Last Airbender Graphic Novel Revealed: Suki Alone

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Avatar The Last Airbender was, and still is, one of the most respected animated series of all time. The show came out of nowhere to wow people with its deep story and characters, its enriching animation, and more. Its impact led to a sequel series and many graphic novels to help continue the story of the characters. And now, another one has been announced in the form of Suki Alone.

The story focuses on one of the recurring (and fan-favorite) characters in Avatar The Last Airbender in Suke, the Kyoshi warrior and eventual girlfriend to Sokka. She was a staunch ally of Team Avatar including being there for the final battle to save the Earth Kingdom.

Suki Alone focuses on the time of her imprisonment on Boiling Rock, a prison camp meant to break the will of the enemies of the Fire Nation. Suki attempts to make a community there (which would play out huge later on) but must prove that she is worthy of trust.

Faith Erin Hicks (The Nameless City) wrote this story as well as the previous two graphic novels in the line, with Peter Wartman (Stonebreaker) providing the art. Adele Matera provides the colors, and Comicraft handles the letters.

Ironically enough, Suki is one of the mysteries that remains unsolved in terms of what happened to her Post-Avatar for the most part. We know that she became a bodyguard to Zuko (as seen in a key graphic novel) for a time, but by the time The Legend of Korra came around her name was never mentioned. Many think she and Sokka got together but we can’t say that for sure.

The Last Airbender is still talked about to this day, and saw a major bump in chatter after it arrived on Netflix, where you can go and watch the series in full.