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Next Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Brings In Halloween Items

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is still one of the biggest game of the year by a LARGE margin, and then some. And one of the reasons for its continued success is that the game honestly offers a LOT to the gamers playing it, and Nintendo keeps giving out free updates to make gamers have something to do or celebrate all year round. And now, Isabelle has posted to Twitter and revealed that the next free update is coming next week!

In this free update, it’ll be giving you new items and experiences so that you can prepare for Halloween! You’ll be able to get candy to give out to people on the big day, you’ll be able to grow pumpkins so you can make special DIY creations, you’ll of course be able to outfit your villager with a costume and face paint, and even do special emotes when the big day comes!

When Halloween does arrive, it’ll take place over a 7-hour period on your island (and other islands) and as such you’ll have plenty of time to bask in the glory of it all. Including having some new people pop onto your island like Jack, the “Tzar of Halloween”.

There will also be a new NookLink update so you’ll be able to control your characters reactions throughout the Halloween night very easily.

Animal Crossing New Horizons also revealed that the next free update will come in late November and that it would be both Thanksgiving and Christmas themed!

So as you can see, New Horizons still has a LOT to offer people and as long as these free updates keep coming around, the sales are sure to keep rising. So if you’re ready to make your island spooky, head into the game next week and get decorating on it!