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News Bites From DC Fandome Part 2

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The second half of the mega-hyped virtual con DC Fandome took place over the weekend, and a ton of news regarding upcoming DC-related projects spilled out. Yup, Part 1 wasn’t everything. Here are the most interesting bits of info we gathered…

Doom Patrol Is Getting A Third Season We’re very pleased to report that the zaniest superhero series in all existence will NOT get lost in the move from DC Universe and will, in fact, thrive on HBO Max. No word, sadly, on a third season for Harley Quinn, but it got a panel anyway and showrunner Justin Halpern said they are ready to go with prepared ideas if WB ever gives them the call.

The Latest New Member Of The Waverider Crew On Legends Of Tomorrow Is Named “Spooner” Are you the least bit surprised? Her full name is Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz and she’s an expert in the field of extraterrestrial life and alien abductions…knowledge the team will need to track down Sara, taken by a UFO in the closing seconds of last season. Spooner will be played by Lisseth Chavez (Chicago PD).

The Fourth Season Of Young Justice Is Called Young Justice: Phantoms Just take a look at it…

Superman And Lois Won’t Take Place In Metropolis According to executive producer and showrunner Todd Helbing, once Clark Kent and Lois Lane became parents, they felt they had to get out of the bustle of the city and raise them somewhere more quiet, away from attacking monsters and Lex Luthor laser rays — so they moved back to Smallville. It’s not like Supes will have any difficulty making the commute.

The weird thing is that the multiverse squish resulting from the Crisis crossover (which set up this series) turned their kids from babies into teenagers! They’re one of those “twins with polar opposite personalities” you tend to see in shows. Helbing wouldn’t say if one of them has Kryptonian powers, if both do, or if none do (it’s highly unlikely that none do).