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Newest Indie World Showcase Debuts

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As noted yesterday, Nintendo debuted a new Indie World showcase video that highlighted many of the upcoming games from the indie realm that were headed to the Nintendo Switch in either a short period of time, or next year. This was seen as a curious move by fans because they wanted more information on true 1st and 3rd party titles/exclusives that should be coming to the Switch this year. But instead, they got this. However, as usual, an interesting variety of indie games were shown.

Such as further confirmation that the Supergiant Games title Hades was not only coming to the Nintendo Switch, but would feature compatibility with the PC version in regards to having cross-saves. Meaning you could transfer save data from one platform to the other and thus continue your adventure as if you never left.

Also, many games were shown to have a release date of today. Such as Spiritfarer where you build a boat to guide the spirits of beings to the afterlife and have adventures with them along the way. Or Raji, a game made by an Indian developer that is based in both looks and story on the ancient mythology of India itself.

For those who are looking for more “name brand” titles, you’re in luck, because Torchlight III was announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall, as well as the Switch version getting an exclusive pet. Furthermore, the Untitled Goose Game made a shocking entry at the end to reveal a special two-player mode is coming in September. As well as a physical version of the game will be coming to the Switch as well in case you don’t like digital copies of games.

All in all it was an interesting Indie World showcase, but if you want to see all the games revealed and what they play like, check out the video below: