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New Voices Revealed For “The Legend of Korra” Book 2

A look at Korra’s twin cousins Eska and Desna, as well as Varrick. This artwork was displayed on the Nickelodeon’s “Korra Nation” blog to promote the free “The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience” iBook.

A report at Entertainment Weekly and a blog from co-creator, writer and Executive Producer Bryan Konietzko have revealed new voice acting roles for the second season of the Nickelodeon series The Legend Of Korra. Richard Riehle (Office Space) and Lisa Edelstein (House) will play Bumi and Kya, brother and sister to Korra’s airbending teacher Tenzin and the other two children of Avatar Aang and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also joining the cast are Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Aaron Himelstein (Joan of Arcadia) as twin sister and brother Eska and Desna, who are cousins of Korra. Other casting includes Adrian LaTourelle (Sons of Anarchy) as Korra’s uncle and Water Tribe chieftan Unalaq, James Remar (Dexter) as Korra’s father Tonraq and John Michael Higgins (Best In Show) as Varrick, an enterprising Water Tribe businessman.

Book 2 of The Legend of Korra is expected to air later this year. Entertainment Weekly‘s report confirms a run of fourteen episodes and a storyline where “…the physical and spirit worlds collide.ā€¯