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New Video Reveals Call Of Duty WWII DLC: Resistance


What does Activision have in mind for Call of Duty: WWII’s first DLC pack? What kind of environments and updates can we expect?

We got our first look today when developer Sledgehammer Games released this behind-the-scenes video showing off areas in the three multiplayer maps that will be included. Valkyrie is named after Operation Valkyrie, a real-life secret mission to assassinate Hitler (it didn’t work as planned), and the map is a recreation of the area in which the mission went down. Anthropoid is a map located in Nazi-occupied Prague, and Occupation is a remake of the Modern Warfare 3 map by the same name.

And it wouldn’t be DLC without some involvement from zombies — this time we get Nazi Zombies, which are the worst kind. The developers say these zombies will boast smarter AI than your typical shambling meatsacks, and that the area you’ll be fighting them in will be covered in thick fog….all to make it harder to see them sneaking up on you.

The DLC also includes a new War Mode update called Operation Intercept where players must rescue a gang of French resistance fighters. You can see the new material for yourself in the video:

You can expect Call of Duty WWII: Resistance to arrive on January 30, but only on PS4. XBox One and PC gamers will have to wait an extra month. It can be downloaded as part of the $50 Season Pass, or purchased individually for $15.

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