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New UI Coming To Civilization VI


For strategy games, and games of massive size and scope, the User Interface is vital to keeping the game manageable, and easy to operate. The Civilization series is no different. So for Civilization VI, they wanted to both keep what they had that worked, while also improving it.

“Civ 5 has a beautiful UI – we were really happy with how that turned out. The Art Deco theme was a great fit for that project. But we wanted to do something different this time, and one theme that kept coming up and seemed like a great fit – and I was surprised we hadn’t done it before – is the Age of Exploration.” Brian Bussati told IGN

Throughout the game, you’ll see compasses, astrolabes, and various other exploring and discovering tools. However, they will not “advance” in looks as the game progress, it will remain the same. This is so players don’t get confused and have to learn a new way to control it via the new technology.

Civilization VI comes to Xbox One, PC, and PS4 October 21st.