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New Space Jam A New Legacy Commercial Drops

Space Jam A New Legacy

With movie theaters going and opening back up in various ways thanks to the vaccine for the global pandemic being distributed, the desire for movies in theaters is growing rapidly. And this summer could see a HUGE boom for certain movies so long as things play out as they should. One of the movies that’ll definitely get the families coming to the theater is that of Space Jam A New Legacy. The sequel to the original Space Jam and something that is either going to be really good…or really bad depending on how you view things.

During the MTV Awards last night, a new commercial for Space Jam A New Legacy dropped and highlighted much of what’s going to be a part of the movie. Even going on to call it the “Slam Dunk of the Summer”, which is a rather natural way of promoting it we’ll admit. While much of the clip is from the trailer from before, there is some new scenes, including Lebron James trying to rally his team at halftime. Check it out below:

If you don’t know the plot of the movie, Lebron James and his son have a major fight that leads to both of them going and getting taken into a virtual “server room”. One that is controlled by an AI (played by Don Cheadle). To get back his son, James must win a game of basketball against the AI’s team the “Goon Squad”. Naturally, Lebron tries to bring an all-star team together but instead gets…the Looney Tunes. Such is life.

Unlike the original Space Jam, A New Legacy focuses more on 3D animation and renderings of classic WB characters beyond the realm of Looney Tunes.

It also should be noted that Michael Jordan apparently does make a cameo in this movie, but as to how, that’s not known. The movie will release on July 16th.