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This New Rick & Morty Short Is Surprisingly Sweet

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Who would have thought the normally hyper-cynical team at the Rick & Morty Factory could pull off a sentimental cartoon? Especially when you consider it revolves around a character whose actual name is “Mr. Poopybutthole”?

Poopy was introduced in a second-season episode where a ton of ancillary characters started appearing in the Sanchez/Smith household for no reason. They turned out to be members of an alien species parasitically feeding on the family’s minds and implanting false happy memories — which meant the way to defeat them was to think of a time those characters made their lives miserable, then shoot them when nothing came to mind.

In the end only Mr. Poopybutthole was left, a strange yellow man with a top hat resting on a vertically elongated head. Beth shot him, but he turned out to actually be real. Ever since then he’s been recovering from the gunshot, popping up in the series every now and then to provide commentary and directly talk to the fans. The ending of Season 3 revealed during the time we last saw him and now, Poopy met a female of his own species and started a family.

The new short fills in the blanks– it is all about how Poopy and his wife met and how their family grew from there, mostly told through photographs (it mostly consists of stills and reused animation, so it was easy to create). The last thing you expect a Rick & Morty cartoon to do is activate the tear ducts, but just try to keep your composure when you get to the pet scene.