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New Poketoons Released, Highlights New Trainer’s Journey

Dreaming Tsubomi, Poketoons

While it’s true that the world of Pokemon will always been tied to the video games that have sold tens of millions of copies all over the world, so too is it true that for the “purest version” of it, you might look at the animes more than the games. Because it’s these animes that have delved deeper into what it means to be a Pokemon trainer, Pokemon Master, and how these trainers decide to become who they are. And quite ironically, a new entry in the Poketoons franchise details that better than most.

The original Poketoons showing was one that had a more comedic feel in the style of Looney Tunes. But here, it adapts a style much more like Pokemon Twilight Wings. In Dreaming Tsubomi we find a young trainer who is trying to start her own journey and yet struggles in every way imaginable. Then, after finding a Nidoran that wants to help her, she starts to get confidence and see what being a trainer is all about. After some misadventures in her hometown, she truly becomes a trainer and starts her journey.

You can watch the full animation below, a small warning, it’s all in Japanese, but you can get the intent through what happens visually.

This animation is not just another entry into the Pokemon saga, but further proof that the people behind these stories know the Pokemon world well. Not unlike in Pokemon Twilight Wings (which focused mainly on the Galar region) they’re determined to tell the best stories in a short amount of time. And they succeed more than they fail.

It’s stories like these that help build up the Pokemon world in the best of ways, and going forward, fans will no doubt want more like Dreaming Tsubomi to make them wish even more that they were in the Pokemon world.