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New Pokemon Snap Gets Commercial

New Pokemon Snap

Nintendo has been doing a good job so far in 2021 in regards to its gaming lineups. It’s already launched major 3rd party exclusives like Bravely Default II as well as Monster Hunter Rise (which has already sold over 5 million units). But for those who are wanting to get more of a 1st party feel, then New Pokemon Snap is the game that’ll help turn the tide when it arrives at the end of April. The game is the long-awaited sequel to the original title on the N64 and things are definitely looking bright for the game.

But now, New Pokemon Snap is so close to release that there are commercials starting to show up in Japan, and they further pain the picture of you going out into the newly made Lental region and taking snapshots of Pokemon as they go about their very natural habitats. Two Japanese commercials have aired and they show off many interesting Pokemon that you can take pictures of, including a legendary Pokemon that wasn’t revealed previously…

Yes indeed you’ll be able to take pictures of fan-favorite Pokemon Lugia, and underwater no less, in the new game. Fans will no doubt be excited about that as Lugia is a very special Pokemon in the eyes of many.

One of the true joys of the next Pokemon Snap game is that you’ll be able to not just take pictures as you try and capture all the Pokemon in the game in photo form. You’ll be able to edit them, upload them to the internet, and even get rated by others on how good the picture is!

The game is trying to be both interactive and deep in a way that the original title could not hope to achieve. All eyes will be on this game when it arrives April 30th for Nintendo Switch.