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New Pokemon Journeys Intro Highlights Return Of Gary Oak and Iris

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

After 20 years and 7 generations of Ash Ketchum going to a new region to conquer a series of gyms and challenge the league, Pokemon Journeys decided to change up the formula in a major way. Not the least of which was making him a “research fellow” that would travel around the Pokemon world and find new adventures by going to the regions he’s been to in the past, and the new Galar region. Where he is now challenging for the World Coronation Festival, a very different kind of “league”.

The change in formula and storytelling has been noticed and appreciated by fans, and Pokemon Journeys continues to make callbacks to the history of both Pokemon and Ash in regards to his journeys. Three parts of Journeys have launched on Netflix and we’ve already seen references to his Kanto journey via Lt. Surge, his Kalos journey with Korrina and her Mega-Evolved Lucario, and more! But now, a new opening for a later part of Journeys (already airing in Japan) indicates that even MORE characters are coming to the fold!

Yes, as you can see, Gary Oak and Iris are returning! For those who came into Pokemon late, Gary Oak was the grandson of Professor Oak and was Ash’s rival for multiple generations, including in a climatic battle where Ash finally got the win over his longtime foe. Gary latter started to follow in his grandfathers’ footsteps to become a Pokemon professor and hasn’t been seen for a while.

Iris meanwhile was Ash’s companion in the Unova journeys. She was on a quest to be a “Dragon Master” and learned a lot from Ash along the way.

How these two will return, and how long they’ll be around, is unclear, but when they reunite with Ash it’s sure to be something special no doubt!