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New Nintendo Direct Reveals Ori And The Will Of The Wisps On Switch

ori and the will of the wisps

As Nintendo Directs go, the third-party editions aren’t as exciting, as it’s not like Metroid Prime 4 is suddenly gonna show up. But every now and then they manage to hit you with something. It wasn’t that long ago that Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, the sequel to the award-winning Ori and the Blind Forest, was released on XBox One. But it’s coming to Switch very soon….as in TODAY soon.

iAm8Bit is also selling an “Ori Collectors Edition” that contains both Ori games on physical, a stained glass art piece, an art sketchbook, and more in a $149 package. The physical is being offered not just for Switch, but for XBox One and PC. Can you just buy the physical games individually without paying an arm and a leg for all this extra stuff? ….No, you cannot, grumble grumble.

Here’s everything else that was announced, in order of release date:

The Long Dark — today
A survival game with exploration elements.

Hades — Today

Empire of Sin — December 1
The latest trailer introduces a new character, Goldie Garneau, who basically plays and manipulates every other character in Prohibition-And-Tommy-Gun-Era Chicago.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise — December 4

Sniper Elite 4 — Holiday 2020

Monster Hunter Rise — March 26, 2021
Monster Hunter Stores 2: Wings of Ruin — Summer 2021
Looks like the Switch will never be powerful enough to run Monster Hunter World, so we have to make do with these spinoffs. Capcom hitns there will be some kind of compatibility feature between the two games.

Balan Wonderworld — March 26, 2021
Here’s Balan again, the throwback 3D platformer from Sonic creator Yuji Naka. Though that name carries some weight, Sonic has had some 3D stinkers made under Naka’s watch. 3D platformers are tricky to get right..we’ll see if he can pull it off. From what we’ve seen, we want to like it.

Disgaea 6 — Summer 2021
The ultimate strategy-RPG time-suck returns for its sixth installment. This one is supposed to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, though we’ll be surprised if they stick to that promise. The previous game, Disgaea 5, is actually free to try next week for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. As far as we know, it’s the full game — but you’ll never finish it within the allotted week, trust us on that.

Rune Factory 5 — 2021
Originally introduced as a spinoff of Harvest Moon before the developer lost the rights to the Harvest Moon name. Now it’s its own thing, but the mechanics are pretty similar.