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New Mutants Lives! New Trailer Reveals April Release Date

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We all thought we had seen the last of 20th Century Fox’s separate-from-Disney Marvel mutant universe, but….there’s ONE more movie. Filmed in 2016, The New Mutants stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, Alice Braga, and a much younger Maisie Williams..and we were supposed to see it years ago.

The film takes a different approach than superhero movies usually do…taking place at a creepy, shadow-covered asylum full of mutants deemed too dangerous for society, the aim here is horror. Once these kids figure out they’re prisoners, not patients, they start plotting an escape…but under the watchful eye of Dr. Reyes (Beraga’s character), it won’t be simple.

The last time a trailer for this film came out, the year was 2017. Back then, it was teased like this, with the same Pink Floyd cover:

The flick soon went BAMF from Fox’s release schedule, however, and rumors started spreading that Fox couldn’t leave those kids alone, and that reshoots were scheduled to overhaul New Mutants. Supposedly the retool was to lean even harder into the horror concept….but then Maisie went on record stating neither she nor any of her co-stars had been summoned to refilm any scenes.

Nevertheless, the original film remained shelved. The original release date was April 13, 2018….then it was February 22, 2019, and after that it was August 2 of that year. By this point, the Disney-Fox deal was solid, and Kevin Feige was commenting that Fox’s X-Men movies would be coming to an end with Dark Phoenix (and if you saw Dark Phoenix, you know why).

So where did that leave New Mutants? It seemed destined for storage forever, or at least a quiet release on a streaming service. Until today. The new, and presumably final, date of release is April 3, 2020….nearly two years after we were supposed to see it. But it WILL be the original cut, and it WILL get its chance at box office glory before the book closes on the Fox-Marvel universe.