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New Mutants Gets New Release Date, To Arrive In August


The tale of the film The New Mutants is a very curious one. It started out with the best intentions, the film was being made during the heyday of the rebooted X-Men universe, and it was set to bring in more of the Mutants of the universe without cramming them into one steady timeline. But then, things behind-the-scenes kept interrupting the debut. It kept getting more and more delayed. It was originally to release in 2017, then 2019, then 2020, so far…it hasn’t been released to theaters.

The latest irony in the tale came when it was indeed going to be released in April 2020, but the global lockdown hit and fans were once again deprived of the film. When other Disney/Marvel films got new release dates, but New Mutants didn’t, fans felt that the film would just release on VOD or Disney+. But now, The Verge and others are reporting that the film will indeed be coming to theaters, this time on August 28th.

This is an important date for various reasons. One, it comes before Black Widow, yet after Mulan (the films that were its “Disney competition” if you will). Also, it comes a few weeks after the potential release of Wonder Woman 1984, which got delayed from its June 5th release date earlier this year.

How well it’ll do is up in the air. The film was done to be more horror-centric than the main X-Men films, and is based loosely on the famed Demon Bear Saga from the comics that helped propel the New Mutants to major comic fame. Images of the film have been released since the most recent delay and they are continuing to build hype among the loyal.

Of course, the greatest irony of all is that more than likely, even if the film is a major hit, there’s no chance for a sequel, even the director and cast acknowledge that since it’s been literal years since they filmed it and Fox (who made the film initially) has been bought out by Disney since.