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New Mega Man X Collection Will Feature Corrected Boss Names

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What’s different about Capcom’s upcoming Mega Man X collection? What finally had to be corrected from its original localization? And did an egotistical belching ghost in loud clothes have something to do with it? (Probably.)

When Mega Man X5 came out in 2001, protagonist X had to face off against Axle the Red, Grizzly Slash, Dark Dizzy, Izzy Glow, Squid Adler, Mattrex, and Duff McWhalen. If you don’t think that’s odd, you clearly aren’t up on your 80s metal band trivia. The English version’s bosses were named for the members of Guns ‘n Roses. And you know who we can blame for that? Lydia from “Beetlejuice.”


We’re not joking. Voice actress Alyson Court had a hand in localizing Mega Man X5. As she recalled in 2011, “My then husband was responsible for text localization. [He] had his own company, GenAzea, which did localization for many Capcom games. I did a lot of that work.”

“He asked me to do it and, since he was a GnR fan, I changed the names to be GnR references. I didn’t know the game nor did I know how mad fans would be that I’d changed the characters’ names. At first my hubby laughed and liked it. Then when fans started complaining he got mad at me. I meant well.”

The alteration remained in future reprints and reissues, such as Mega Man X Collection for PS2. Now Mega Man X Legacy Collection is coming July 24 for all modern consoles and the PC, and the X5 bosses have finally been retranslated to match their Japanese counterparts. Capcom made no announcement about this, but after fans noticed the name change in the YouTube trailer, a rep from the company admitted it:

“In our mission to make these collections an authentic Mega Man X experience, we took the opportunity to better align the naming of the Mega Man X5 Mavericks across all regions for better narrative cohesion across the series, making the names more aligned with the original Japanese version release. We hope that fans appreciate our intent to unify the Mega Man X Maverick-naming convention all these years later.”

For those of you who liked the “original” names and feel let down by this news, take comfort in the fact that, to this day, those triceratops enemies in Super Mario World are named after the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails.