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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Reveals Tangled World


Just when we all feared it had been forgotten, Square-Enix debuted new footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 today at their E3 press conference. And not just cutscene footage….gameplay footage! It’s further along than any of us thought, which is a good thing.

Disney’s recent acquisitions raise a whole new world of possibilites (sorry for the earworm) as to where Sora and his friends could travel next. Will they turn into Muppets and meet Kermit? Go to Sugar Rush and meet Vannelope? Might they visit Avengers Tower? Could they battle Boba Fett? Summon Boba Fett?

Square revealed one new world from Kingdom Hearts 3, and it wasn’t any of these…yet…….it was Tangled. We’ve been handed an abnormally large amount of Tangled recently, between this and the announced TV series. We’re getting more Tangled products than Rapunzel has hair. But the area looks gorgeous and very faithful to the visuals in the movie.

Academy Award-winning Producer Roy Conli and Greg Coleman, vice president of marketing for Walt Disney Animation, appeared before the game was shown to give a special message. In the video, Conli and Coleman share their excitement about the announcement and Conli adds, “I think this is going to be an amazing journey for these guys as they get the richness of our story, and the richness of Kingdom Hearts…It’s going to be a phenomenal experience for the game player.”

Square has promised there are more surprises in store for Kingdom Hearts 3 and many new worlds we don’t know about yet. Avengers Tower, here we come….maybe. Kingdom Hearts 3 has no solid release date, but is being prepped for both Playstation 4 and XBox One.