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New Infinity War Trailer Exposes The Plans Of Thanos

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What new scenes has Marvel Studios revealed in its second full-length Infinity War trailer? What have we learned since they released the first?

We see a lot more of Thanos this time…he’s no longer in shadow. The Guardians of the Galaxy are the ones most familiar with how this guy operates, and Gamora informs Earth’s heroes what his plans are: “The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal—to wipe out half the universe. If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with the snap of his fingers, just like that.”

Now that we’re past the point of Black Panther’s release, we can get a better look at T’Challa’s involvement in the plot, and it appears Wakanda itself is one of Thanos’s attack targets. Fans have theorized the hidden nation is hiding one of the Infinity Stones, and this conflict could mean it’s true. Or perhaps Thanos’s forces are there because it’s where Vision, a superhero powered by the Mind Stone, is hiding out. We know from another trailer that Thanos eventually catches up to Vision.

We also see Star Lord and Iron Man in the middle of hashing out some kind of plan, and….I won’t spoil how that conversation plays itself out, other than to say it’s very Star-Lord-y. Look out for Avengers: Infinity War, coming to theaters April 27.