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New “Dragonball Daima” Trailer Reveals A Kid Goku, But The Plot Remains A Mystery


Last October, Toei Animation dropped a bombshell announcement: After several years of hibernation, the Dragonball franchise will return to television screens in Fall 2024. This new series will be named Dragonball Daima and will be based on a plot outlined by franchise creator Akira Toriyama himself as was the case with the previous Dragonball series.

Very little is known about the plot except that it feature the majority of the cast de-aged to children. While many fans might draw comparisons to Dragonball GT, which featured Goku turning into a child, this series features the entire cast becoming children and Akira Toriyama’s plot ideas, guaranting a different take on the concept. We do know that Yoshitaka Yashima and Aya Komaki will be directing the series. Yuuko Kakihara will be writing the scripts based on Toriyama’s outlines. With little more than the staff list and a brief teaser in October, speculation continued to abound as to what is in store for one of the biggest anime franchises in the world. Last Sunday, a new trailer came out and revealed….a sneak peak of what to expect in terms of an action scene, but little else in terms of revealing much about the plot. 

Here’s a basic rundown of what happens in the trailer: Goku lands on a planet and gets into a fight (yes, that’s it). This fight features the return of the power pole, an item Goku hasn’t used very often since the Z era. There is no dialogue or narration anywhere in the trailer. This particular trailer was labeled as a “character trailer” and featured Goku, implying that we’ll see more character focused trailers released periodically until the eventual release of the show. Anyway, here is the trailer:

It is certain that fans will continue to dissect this trailer and any forthcomings trailer to speculate and figure out potential plot points and possible surprise characters that might appear in the series. Dragonball Daima continues to be shrouded in mystery and to say that anticipation, apprehension, excitement, and curiosity are high would be an understatement. Whatever’s in store for the next mysterious entry of the Dragonball franchise, it will be a major blockbuster event.