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New Disney+ Documentary Takes You Inside Pixar

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One uinexpected benefit of the year-old streaming service Disney+ has been the increased number of documentaries relating to their movies and the inner workings of the studio itself. These kind of peeks behind the curtain became rarer in recent years as the budgets for DVD special features has shrunk, but streaming has provided a new way for them to happen. The Mandalorian has its own behind-the-scenes doc that contains nearly four hours of material. Tomorrow, Pixar Animation Studios will be getting its own series of docs as well, just in time for the Christmas release of Soul, in the series Inside Pixar.

Of course there has been no shortage of documentaries on Pixar, to be honest — they’ve been examined inside and out since their inception, most notably with 2007’s excellent doc The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks (yes, the one with Ub DNA. If you’ve never seen that one, it’s on Disney+ now and you can also find it on the Wall-E DVD). However, this will be the first examination of the famous studio AFTER its most notable figurehead was brought down by scandal. What does a post-Lasseter Pixar look like? We’ll find out soon.

Inside Pixar will be four episodes long, with each episode lasting around fifty minutes and divided into five ten-minute segments relating to various movies and departments. All the segments in an episode will center on a theme; the first episode is called “Inspired.” Count on seeing many interviews with the studio’s current talent lineup including Pete Docter (director of Up, Inside Out and the upcoming Soul), Kemp Powers (writer of Soul) and Dan Scanlon (director of Onward).

The first Inside Pixar episode will debut this coming Friday, November 13, and the other three will appear later in the month. They’ll give you something to watch after you’ve finished the latest Baby Yoda adventure.