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New Captain America: Civil War Poster Lineup


Marvel and Disney have released six new posters promoting Captain America: Civil War. Each contains one head, and that’s only half the cast!


You know who this guy is. His name is on the title if you don’t.


Here’s Ant-Man, whom Entertainment Weekly reports will be giving the flick some of its more comic moments.

In footage teased at Disney’s D23 convention, we see his Scott Lang geeking out on Captain America, shaking his idol’s hand. And shaking it some more. And then some more. “I’m shaking your hand too long,” he says. Then he wheels around and gawps at Scarlet Witch. “I know you, too! You’re great!” he says, trying (and failing) to play it cool. “I want to say I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me,” Lang tells Cap. Then he pauses. Blinks. “Thanks for thinking of me,” he corrects himself.


Bucky Barnes had become a villain the last time we saw him. In between Age of Ultron and this movie, he’ll have recovered from the brainwashing somewhat, and be on a quest for redemption, which puts him on Cap’s team.


This is Sam Wilson, AKA the Falcon. As the movie begins, reportedly, Sam is still looking for Bucky Williams. Try one poster above, pal.


Considering Hawkeye technically works for the government, his choice of supporting Cap in this argument feels a bit off. Scriptwriter Christopher Marcus told EW “He should be on Tony’s side — but then you’re like, well, he also doesn’t like anybody telling him what to do.”


Finally here is Team Cap’s one female, the Scarlet Witch, destined to be neglected in Civil War merchandise just as Black Widow will be on Iron Man’s team. Once Doctor Strange comes out, magic will be established as a force in the MCU, so maybe they messed up by making Wanda’s powers some kind of pseudo-psychic thing? In my view they did.

Presumably we’re getting another six posters displaying the heroes on Iron Man’s side, but they have yet to turn up. Captain America: Civil War releases May 6.