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New “Back To The Future” Set Includes Animated Series


For its 30th anniversary — as well as the arrival of the day Marty traveled to 2015 — Back to the Future and its sequels are getting re-released in a big way. The big news is that the Back to the Future animated series is being released for the first time on October 20, both with the movies and separately in a four-disc DVD set.


No matter which of these boxes you pick, you’ll be getting the animated series in some amount. Back to the Future: 30th Anniversary Trilogy includes all the content from the previous DVD/Blu releases plus a new bonus disc with two hours of new content, some of it being two episodes of the cartoon. Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures contains that disc as well as the entire animated series (so yes, you get two of those episodes twice) in collectible light-up Flux Capacitor packaging. The cartoon is a DVD exclusive, so the Blu set will include some DVDs in it.

The animated series took place after the third movie had ended and centered mainly around Doc Brown’s kids, Jules and Verne. Several actors from the movies reprised their roles, such as Mary Steenburgen as Clara and Tom Wilson as every incarnation of Biff. Christopher Lloyd also returned in live-action segments before and after the animated portion, where he taught science with the help of a pre-famous Bill Nye the Science Guy. Series producer Bob Gale says it’s up to you to decide whether the cartoons are canon or not.

Fans will note that Marty actually visited the future on October 21st, not the 20th. The 21st has been reserved for a special re-release of the trilogy on the big screen. The DVD and Blu-Ray sets had to settle for the day before to come out. The trailer below was completed before those plans were set in place.

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