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Netflix’s Next Animated Epic: The Sea Beast

the sea beast

Animation fans who enjoyed Big Hero 6 and Moana may want to keep an eye out for The Sea Beast, an ocean-centric epic adventure coming to Netflix this July. The film was directed by Chris Williams, who made both movies mentioned above.

It’s the Pirate Era, and there be monsters about! When we say monsters, we mean some BIG suckers — the kind that can capsize a large 50-crew vessel in about fifteen seconds. But when the seas get choppy, that’s when they call Jacob Holland — the best monster hunter known to man. He’s been assigned to track down and slay a particularly large one, who features prominently in all the promotional images.

As Holland sets out on his Moby Dick-inspired quest, there’s one wrinkle he doesn’t know about: there’s a stowaway on his ship. It’s Maisie Brumble, a young girl who deliberately hid below deck because she was seeking an adventure. She finds it.

Holland didn’t ask for a kid to take care of on top of everything else, but like it or not, he and Brumble are going to have to work together to stop the Sea Beast. Or maybe the Sea Beast is just misunderstood and the real monster is man. It’s too early to know which direction this plotline is going to go.

The Sea Beast was directed by Williams from a script written by him and Tony-nominated lyricist Nell Benjamin (there is no indication of songs in this yet, but you never know). It stars Zaris-Angel Hator (The Midnight Gang) as Maisie Brumble, Karl Urban (The Boys) as Jacob Holland, Jared Harris (The Terror, Chernobyl) as Captain Crow, Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Without A Trace), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) and Kathy Burke (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy). Watch for this one to pop out of the water July 8 on Netflix.