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Netflix’s Castlevania Will End With Season Four…Except Not Really


There aren’t too many things Netflix won’t cancel as quickly as they started, but for some reason the Castlevania brand is on the short list of exceptions. Netflix can’t seem to get enough adaptions of horror-themed video games, as displayed by the multiple seasons of its Castlevania anime and the multiple Resident Evil projects in development.

Well, death has finally come for Castlevania after all…Netflix announced today the upcoming fourth season of the anime will be its last. But if you know anything about the game series, it’s that Dracula doesn’t stay dead for long. This is less of a cancellation and more like a replacement with a similar series — telling a new Castlevania story.

Said series will be done by the same creative team, with the exception of writer Warren Ellis, who was fired after several sexual misconduct allegations. He apparently wrote all the scripts for Season 4 before his termination, but it’s unknown right now if these were used in the upcoming final season. Series director Samuel Deats says he’s forbidden to speak about any future plans.

For at least its first two seasons, the Castlevania anime was based on the third game, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The characters in the series — Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s rebellious son Alucard — were all introduced in that game. But its storyline concluded by the end of Season 2, so Season 3 was more loose, cherry-picking elements from other Castlevania games to weave its narrative.

Perhaps this reset will allow the series to come back into focus and adapt a specific game again, with a new protagonist. The video games have had many, most of them being Belmont descendants. So if there’s anything we can predict, it’s that the hero of this next story will have the last name “Belmont” — unless they throw a curveball and give us Shanoa or something (we’d be fine with that too).

The fourth and final season of Castlevania, at least as we know it, will debut May 13 on Netflix.