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Netflix’s Avatar The Last Airbender Actor Affirms Commitment To Role Accuracy

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Avatar The Last Airbender is without a doubt one of the most important cartoon series ever made. Not the least of which was because it created a new world that had deep characters, intertwining stories, and an animation style that really helped it stand out. Not surprisingly, it inspired a lot of new content via fan-fictions, a sequel series, comics, and some live-action adaptations. The problem with that latter one was that it wasn’t always…accurate to the lore.

Which is why when the Netflix version of Avatar The Last Airbender was announced, things seemed to be on the right track. But…then the creators, who were originally part of the team steering the show for Netflix, left, many people were wondering what was going to happen, and if the Netflix version was even going to be good. Thankfully, based on the casting of the actors for the show, things seem to be on a good path. At least for now.

One of these cast members is Gordon Cormier, who will play Aang. Fans were very curious about what he was willing to do for the role, and the biggest question was about whether he would go and shave his head. He replied on his social media that he absolutely would because, “I Am Aang!”

That’s good to hear because the last thing that fans want is something like the previous movie where it was not accurate in terms of casting, acting, the powers, and so on. And while there’s still a lot up for debate about quality, at the very least you can say this show is off to a good start.

Gordon also confirmed that filming hadn’t started yet, so that means there’s still time to figure out just how accurate the show will be. And hopefully it won’t be too long before we see some “in-world” shots of the characters in their outfits.