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Netflix Wants To Make A Live-Action Death Note….Again

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There will apparently be no end to the live-action desecrations of popular anime produced by Netflix. Once they’re out of ideas, they’ll just reuse the old ones. They just announced they want to do Death Note in live-action, even though they already did.

Death Note is about Light Yagami, a sneering young man with a major chip on his shoulder who one day acquires a book from the gods called a Death Note. Anyone whose name is written down in the book dies, and the way in which they exit can either be specified or left vague. Light immediately starts executing people in a perverse sense of justice while DRAMATICALLY EATING POTATO CHIPS — like, you have no idea how much style and swagger he puts into eating a chip. Just incredible.

Light is only the hero in his own mind — he’s really a jerk. The appeal of the series lies in the cat-and-mouse game between him and master detective L, who is determined to sniff out his identity. The anime is really great, but I would say to only form an opinion on it AFTER you meet Misa, as that screeching woman will make a difference as to how much you truly love the show.

The Death Note film Netflix put out in 2017 was widely derided. So why try it again? Because the Duffer Brothers want to do it, as a regular series. Those are the guys behind what remains Netflix’s single most popular show — after all this time, nothing has yet to outmatch Stranger Things’ cross-generational popularity and appeal. They can pretty much do whatever they want at this point. If they want Death Note, they get it, period.

The Duffers announced several projects in the same breath that they announced Death Note, all to be handled by their new production company, Upside Down Pictures (I see what they did there). The one that makes the most sense is an adaption of the Stephen King novel The Talisman; they are clearly huge King fans and would do the book justice. They’re also partnering up with Amblin to make that adaption, another decision that makes total sense.

They would also like to put a Stranger Things spinoff in motion, but, ah…..here’s where it gets weird. Now you’d think it would be a no-brainer how to handle this. The show’s cast of characters is absolutely wonderful. It would stand to reason we would want to see some of those characters again. That’s why the Duffers want a spinoff that includes absolutely none of them, nor any other element from the original series at all….wait, huh??

They’re quoted as saying on a recent podcast that all rumors on the spinoff’s subject matter are wrong. It won’t be the continued adventures of Eleven, it won’t be a Steve and Dustin road trip story, and it won’t be an Avatar thing where they tell a new story with another lab experiment. All of these would be good ideas that we would watch eagerly — but nope, you get nada. They went on to suggest that the spinoff would be “1000% different,” connect to the ST world only in the loosest sense, and use nothing from the original series.

It gets worse: they would be passing said series to someone else, and have no involvement whatsoever aside from a light guiding hand. They want a Stranger Things spinoff that’s not about Stranger Things and made by someone else. Oh, and SOMEHOW, Finn Wolfhard guessed exactly what this spinoff would be about. I’m starting to be skeptical about that claim now.

Anyway, Death Note. Like the book itself, it’s something everybody wants, whether they can handle it or not. Look for yet another take on the manga soon.