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Netflix Reveals Arrival Of Pokemon Journeys Part 3

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

The Pokemon anime is a very special thing to a lot of people, and that’s part of the reason it’s been going on for many, MANY years. The latest incarnation of which is Pokemon Journeys, which for the first time made its American debut on Netflix (the series has previously been on DisneyXD, Cartoon Network and KidsWB), and it’s made a big splash on the network with both fans and critics. However, due to its release schedule in Japan and how Netflix likes to do things, they’ve broken up the series into 12-episode “parts” for people to enjoy over time.

The first two parts are available now to watch, and an eagle-eyed fan noted when looking at the page for the anime that part three is apparently coming soon:

This is a bit of a surprise because Part 2 came out not too long ago, making it good for fans of the anime because with the lockdown still hindering entertainment across many venues, this will be something fresh for them to enjoy.

Pokemon Journeys as a whole is a VERY different anime from previous Pokemon versions. In previous versions, Ash Ketchum would go to a region, battle 8 gym leaders while having many mini-adventures along the way, and then go and fight in that regions Pokemon League.

But, in Journeys, the script has been tossed out for something much more fun and unique. Ash and his new friend Goh are research assistants for a professor, and travel all over the Pokemon world to research the wonders of said world, all the while battling and capturing Pokemon.

It’s a very different feel, and it’s one fans really love because of the shakeup in the formula. Spoilers from Japan have been all over the internet, and are teasing some big reunions and battles to come.