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Netflix Renews Castlevania For Fourth Season


By now it’s a given assumption that Netflix cancels everything, and usually too soon. If something’s lucky enough to not get the axe after one season, it’ll live for thirty to forty episodes at the most. The only exceptions are when the series turns into a wild cultural phenomenon, but that is of course rare. Based on this evidence, no one expected Netflix’s Castlevania anime to last three seasons, let alone two, but here we are reporting a fourth. Wild!

The announcement was made today on Twitter via an unusual tactic: a picture of a treasure box was uploaded and fans were asked to respond with the Clap emoji to open it. They did so, and the box opened to reveal the words “Season Four Is Coming.”

Netflix’s Castlevania is loosely based on the plot of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse for the NES…a prequel that set up the saga of the Belmont family and their eternal war against Dracula’s forces. The series, by the way, actually killed off Dracula in Season 2 (because like us, they figured they wouldn’t be renewed this long).

Since then, the antagonists Isaac and Camilla have filled the power vacuum, and the war they threaten to wage against humanity could boil over in Season Four. If you know anything about the Castlevania series, though, you know Dracula never truly stays dead.

“Dracula’s died and come back so often it barely counts. They’ve done this song and dance so many times they started setting the games in the future because they’re down to one weekend in 1470 where the guy was actually dead for more than a couple minutes. Not that this is strange. Death is like his best bud. They just hang out in that tower all day drinkin’ PBRs and watching the Spice Channel until a Belmont shows up and they pull the immortality equivalent of hiding under the couch until he goes the hell away.” –ancient quote from 1up.com

Netflix’s Castlevania anime is equally as hard to kill. No release date for the fourth season has been revealed yet.