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Netflix Releases The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Trailer

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If it seems like an unusually high volume of Witcher news was released today, there’s a reason: July 9 is WitcherCon, and all the big announcements related to the property were saved for today. We got a date for the return of the live-action series, a two-minute trailer for the next season, and a next-gen re-release of the classic video game. But before any of that happens, we’re getting a Witcher anime movie.

Studio MIR, the same animation factory that made The Legend Of Korra and Netflix’s Voltron ‘toon look so good, is responsible for the visuals here. It arrives late next month and, according to the trailer, will involve a Witcher fighting something.

This trailer goes more for sparse symbolic visuals than anything suggesting a plot, which is why it’s good a synopsis is out there: the character we can barely see is Vesemir, a Witcher who was Geralt’s mentor. This being a prequel, he’s far younger in this story than he was when Geralt knew him. He’s been assigned to save a kingdom from a ferocious creature, but first he’s got to deal with his own inner demons before he can slay any outer ones.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will be directed by Han Kwang II from a script written by Beau de Mayo. Both de Mayo and Kwang also serve as the producers, alongside Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, whose name you might recognize as the showrunner of the live-action series.

Nightmare of the Wolf will be streamable on Netflix August 23. While we’re here and we have the space, we might as well bring up the new trailer for the live-action series, which debuts its second season this December…

If you watched Season One to its end, you know Geralt and Ciri have finally run into each other. Now his destined task — keeping her protected while she trains to defend herself — truly begins. Ciri confesses to Geralt over a lit campfire that “Sometimes I feel like I could…burn the whole world.” Geralt gives her a look like, “Well, DON’T.”

The Witcher Season 2 will be released on Netflix December 17.