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Netflix Releases Teaser For Wendell & Wild

Wendell & Wild

Things will get wild (and Wendell) this Halloween when Netflix releases their new stop-motion original movie. It’s the latest from Henry Selick, the main who’s made a career out of maquette movies for children that can also be unsettling (Coraline was his thing).

Kat, played by Lyric Ross, is a rebellious and surly 13-year-old who was just released from a juvenile correction facility. She has reasons to be so mad — she’s had a rough life, with her parents dying at a young age and Kat bouncing through the system ever since. Now she’s been sent to a Catholic school in her own home town, which will surely mean trouble.

But the nuns don’t know how MUCH trouble. Two demons (that’d be Wendell and Wild) recognize Kat as the “Hell Maiden” who possesses the power to free them. She does this and all you-know-what breaks loose.

But here’s something we didn’t know until recently: in addition to Selick, Jordan Peele, of Nope and Get Out fame, is also involved in the production. He serves as co-producer and he also voices Wild. If you had to guess who Wendell is, Keegan-Michael Key would be a safe bet (and you’d be right).

To give you an idea of how long this movie has been baking, the time Selick and Peele were pitching it to studios was around the same time Get Out was about to be released. Selick says Peele was worried Get Out would flop, and if it did, that would make Wendell & Wild that much harder to sell. Of course it did NOT flop, winning Peele enough cred to not just get this through the door, but several films afterward.

The trailer below reveals one more thing about Wendell & Wild: it’s getting a PG-13 rating, while most films of its kind have squeaked by with a PG. You thought Coraline was creepy….this one won’t hold back! Wendell & Wild premieres on Netflix October 28.