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Netflix Releases Pokemon Journeys Trailer For “Final Episodes”

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

February was a big month for Pokemon as a whole. Pokemon Day came and featured a concert from Post Malone. Meanwhile, new Pokemon games were announced via the Diamond and Pearl remasters and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And March is now here to continue the momentum in the best way possible as Netflix has released the fourth and “final” batch of episodes for Pokemon Journeys!

To recap, Pokemon Journeys is a very different take on the beloved Pokemon anime. In this version of the legendary tale, Ash has become a “research fellow” alongside new friend Goh. They travel all over the Pokemon world in order to learn new and exciting things about Pokemon as a whole. Including meeting some fan-favorite characters along the way.

Many fans have responded positively to Journeys and so this latest batch of 12 episodes is sure to amaze with returns to Alola, Galar, and meeting a certain Pokemon from a certain “First Movie”. Check out the trailer released for the final batch below.

Fans will see a lot of familiar things, including the beginning of the “Sword and Shield” arc from the most recent Pokemon games. Ash and Goh have a big role to play in that arc so you can be pumped for that.

Now, as for this being the “final episodes” in the Journeys line, while Netflix is adhering to that, The Pokemon Company and others aren’t. What’s more than likely to happen, in line with previous iterations of Pokemon’s anime, is that the show will undergo a new name for the next large sections of episodes.

We already know the show isn’t over not just because Ash and Goh haven’t completed their journeys yet, but also, episodes are still airing in Japan. So we’ll just have to wait maybe another month or two before they announce the new name and when it’ll return to Netflix. But for now, you can watch all the Pokemon Journeys episodes on Netflix!