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Netflix Has Released Pokemon Master Journeys Part 2

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When Pokemon made the big move from cable TV (in the West at least as it was on WB, Cartoon Network and Disney XD for decades before going to Netflix), people were wondering how it was going to play out. They were very surprised when Pokemon Journeys was not only a fresh take on the franchise, but also embraced all that had come before it. And here in the West, that series later evolved (see what we did there?) to Pokemon Master Journeys.

Pokemon Master Journeys Part 1 came out last year and continued the adventures of Ash, Goh, and even their friend Chloe as they explored and learned more about the Pokemon world, while each embracing their own path to being one with the Pokemon world. Ash is doing the World Coronation Series, Goh is trying to catch one of every Pokemon, and Chloe is just trying to connect with all sorts of Pokemon in her own way.

As was the tradition set by Journeys, Netflix waited about 3 months before releasing Part 2 of Master Journeys, and now, it’s here to watch at your leisure. And to commemorate the launch, they released a trailer for the 12 episodes that you can view:

As you can see, there are a LOT of cameos and references to past regions. We get to the return of Gary Oak (who will be asking for Ash’s help to locate a Moltres), we see Dawn meeting up with Chloe (where they’ll be dealing with a major set of legendary Pokemon), we also get a tease of the battle between Ash and Iris (who is now the champion of the Unova) and more.

So while it may only be another set of 12 episodes, this one might just be one that has the most action and reunions. So go and watch because your journey starts today!