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Netflix Got Game: New Castlevania Anime, Cuphead Season 2

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For some reason Netflix decided to lump all their announcements regarding video game cartoons into one day of Geeked Week (Friday).

Netflix’s Castlevania anime was excellent, and more importantly, it was an excellent anime the streamer LET LIVE to tell its full tale. But if you know anything about the series, you know there’s a bottomless well of lore to dig up, thanks to centuries of Belmonts fighting Dracula over and over and over. So we’re getting another series — hooray!

Castlevania: Nocturne will follow Richter, the Belmont that appeared in two of the series’ best-loved games, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. They haven’t mentioned when this takes place, but if they want to be correct, it would be centuries after the first series which adapted Castlevania III.

Most of the staff from the first one is returning to make this one: Kevin Kolde is the showrunner, Clive Bradley will serve as main writer and Project 51 Productions and Powerhouse Animation will once again make the characters move. NOT returning is Warren Ellis, who served as the main writer of the previous series, but was dragged down by reports of sexual misconduct.

Welcome to The Cuphead Show…again. More episodes of the series have been on the way for a while and have been finally targeted for an August release. We hesitate to call this “Season 2” as three batches of The Cuphead Show were ordered at once and this is just the second of those three. Depending on your interpretation, it’s either three seasons or one large one. And if you want more after that…well, start begging, if it’s possible for Netflix to even hear you.

Oh yeah….and I guess Netflix also announced a Dragon Age animated series. I don’t follow Dragon Age; I don’t know anything about Dragon Age. So here’s the trailer — you sort it out.