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Netflix Drops Trailer For Maya And The Three

maya and the three

Hey you! You want a new series from Jorge R. Gutiérrez (El Tigre, The Book Of Life, other various projects with a Mexican flavor)? Of course you do. And Netflix will be giving it to you soon as Gutiérrez’s latest project, Maya and the Three, premieres on the service.

Maya is the princess of a Mesoamerican civilization (which one isn’t specified, but was the whole place named after her?) At first, the premise doesn’t sound very original: Maya burns to be let out of the palace and become the butt-kicking warrior she desires to be, and there’s a prophecy she must fulfill, and yadda yadda……no, wait, the prophecy says the God of War will arrive to claim Maya’s life! She’s going to be offered as sacrifice to spare the country from his wrath.

Maya insists there’s a better way, and sets out to contact three mythical warriors that, according to legend, have the power to fight the gods. She’s not going down without a fight!

Maya and the Three has a well-packed voice cast list, consisting of every single human being of Latin descent on the Hollywood Rolodex: Zoe Saldaña as Princess Maya, Gabriel Iglesias as Picchu, Allen Maldonado as Rico, Stephanie Beatriz as Chimi, Diego Luna as Zatz, Gael García Bernal as the Jaguar Triplets, Alfred Molina as the God of War, Kate del Castillo as the Goddess of Death, Danny Trejo as the God of Earthquakes….

(deep breath)

Cheech Marin as the Gods of Wind and Storm, Rosie Perez as the Goddess of Gators, Queen Latifah as Gran Bruja, Wyclef Jean as Gran Brujo, Sandra Equihua as Queen Teca, Isabela Merced as the Widow Queen, Chelsea Random as the Goddess of Tattoos, Joaquín Cosío as the God of Bats, Carlos Alazraqui as the God of Dark Magic, Eric Bauza as the God of Jungle Animals, Rita Moreno as Ah Puch, and Gutiérrez himself as Maya’s father, King Teca.

Maya and the Three looks so good I was convinced it was a movie, but official reports state it’s a nine-episode miniseries. No release date was specified in the trailer, but we expect it sometime within the remainder of 2021.