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Netflix Announces “Inside Job” From Shion Takeuchi And Alex Hirsch

inside job

What is the mysterious new show that Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is working on for Netflix? Until now, the entire project was secret and heavily under wraps. Today THR scored an exclusive…what did they find out?

The show is called “Inside Job” and it was co-created by Shion Takeuchi, who worked with Hirsch on Gravity Falls. Takeuchi will also serve as showrunner (that’s her up there; the only photo THR provided). Her previous writing credits include episodes of Regular Show, Disenchantment and Lost in Oz.

The series is described as a “workplace comedy set in the shadow government, where every conspiracy theory — from the Illuminati to Reptoids — is true, and one woman struggles to keep the chaos under wraps.” It’s the kind of place Dipper would dream of finding, but alas, he works for another conglomerate and there will not be a crossover.

20 episodes of “Inside Job” have been ordered; that could mean one season of 20 episodes, but it more likely means two seasons of 10 — we’re dealing with Netflix here. However, unlike the Regular Show team’s “Close Enough” or that Rocko’s Modern Life revival movie, we anticipate “Inside Job” will actually come out.

“Inside Job” is currently being produced at Netflix Animation in Hollywood. More details as they are uncovered.