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Netflix Announces Brand New Wallace And Gromit Movie

Wallace and Gromit

Aardman Animation has partnered up with Netflix to produce new content, a deal which we’re only now beginning to see the results of. The first Aardman / Netflix co-production, a Christmas special called Robin Robin, premiered on the service last holiday season. A Chicken Run sequel was announced in 2020, but there was no word on the fate of Aardman’s most popular creation, an absentminded inventor and his dog.

Today was the day: they’re finally coming back! Aardman and Netflix announced a new movie starring Wallace and Gromit is now in production. If you don’t get why this is such a big deal, you need to AT LEAST sit down and watch the original trilogy of specials produced in the 1990s — they’re still some of the finest ways to spend 90 minutes, and each is better than the last.

Wallace is a bald Briton with a hunger for Wensleydale cheese and a habit of building machines that go out of control. Gromit is his faithful pooch often tasked with cleaning up the messes Wallace gets into and saving his life yet again. The pair have already starred in one movie, 2008’s Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, released by Dreamworks in the US.

Details on Wallace and Gromit’s latest pickle are slight, but what we CAN tell you is that the predicament involves a robotic lawn gnome that develops a mind of its own.

As for the Chicken Run sequel, new information was released about it at the same time. The title is officially Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, and joins Ginger and Rocky, the pair of poultry from the first film, years after their escape as they attempt to raise their offspring. We don’t know exactly what their kid looks like, but we do have a shot of her leg:

While they and the other escaped chickens are safe, they realize plenty of other flightless birds around the world could use their help. So they resolve to stage a series of liberation breakouts all over the place! Since Mel Gibson is…well, Mel Gibson, Zachary Levi will be playing Rocky in this one, while Thandiwe Newton is replacing Julia Sawalha as Ginger. Bella Ramsey plays the young hen the leg is attached to.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget will premiere on Netflix in 2023, followed by the untitled Wallace and Gromit movie in 2024.