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Netflix Announces “Bone” Animated Series


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: there’s a studio that plans to adapt Jeff Smith’s comic fantasy epic Bone for something. Fans of the comic have been given this news many, many times, and probably have a jaded “yeah right” reaction right now. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twenty-seven times….STUPID, STUPID RAT CREATURES.

This time, however, there’s actual hope in the equation. The studio that wants to do something with Bone is Netflix, and usually when Netflix announces a project, we see it eventually. Deadline broke the news and no one seems happier than Smith:

“I’ve waited a long time for this. Netflix is the perfect home for Bone. Fans of the books know that the story develops chapter-by-chapter and book-by-book. An animated series is exactly the way to do this! The team at Netflix understands Bone and is committed to doing something special — this is good news for kids and cartoon lovers all over the world.”

Before this, the most recent announcement of a Bone adaption was in 2016 when Warner Bros held the rights and said there would be a string of animated movies directed by Kung Fu Panda’s Mark Osborne. WB sat on Bone for about ten years, and before that, efforts to make a movie or a TV series stretch back to the 90s when Nickelodeon Movies was interested.

What do you think? Odds are good we could really get the thing this time. Now the only problem would be Netflix cancelling the Bone show before it reaches its climax….which will definitely happen.