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Natalie Portman Talks Who She Wants To Team Up With In The MCU

Thor Love and Thunder

The story of Natalie Portman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is honestly very complicated, but it might just turn out for the best. You see, she was cast to be Jane Foster in the first Thor film, and she was good as Jane, even though her main plot was getting to fall in love with Thor. Then in Thor The Dark World, she got Marvel to hire Patty Jenkins to write/direct the film…and then Marvel kept throwing restrictions on her vision so she left (later to do Wonder Woman) and Portman was ticked.

By the time Thor Ragnarok came out, Portman was gone and it was very well known that she wasn’t happy with the higher-ups of Marvel for what happened. But then, with Taika Waititi, he was about to bring Natalie Portman back in the upcoming Thor Love and Thunder, and corrected her “character arc” by making her The Mighty Thor like Jane has been in the comics in recent years.


One look at Portman in the trailers and you’ll see that she worked hard to bulk up to be The Mighty Thor, and many early reactions are saying that she does a great job in her return. So again, it’s all possibly worth it.

Not to mention, she’s now a much bigger part of the MCU. To the extent that she was asked about what character she would like to team up with next if she were to get the chance. Her answer? Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. Played of course by Brie Larson. A very nice team-up that many would indeed love to see.

What Portman’s true future in the MCU is…is not known at this point. But if she is allowed to stay around, we might just get to see more of her with others in the MCU and fans definitely will like that.