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Naruto Reveals How Strong His Son Is Currently


If there’s one thing media as a whole likes to do, regardless if it’s television, movies, video games, and so on, it’s keep a franchise alive if they feel it has legs and stories to tell (and money to make). A great example of this is Naruto. The ninja-focused anime may not always have been on point, but when it got its focus it became a very impactful and beautiful to watch anime. And so, not surprisingly, they kept the show going with a new take on the “next generation” of Shinobi via the Boruto franchise.

Boruto is the son of Naruto and has his own path to be the No.1 ninja like his dad, and between the old school and the new school there are a lot of great adventures to be had. And without a doubt, fans have been enjoying it. But not only has the Uzimaki child proven to be great in his own right, but powerful, very powerful in fact.

However, because of how the show and manga go, it’s a bit hard to see what “level” he’s at present. But, a recent episode has set the record straight on the current power level situation with him.

For those not familiar, the “Chunin” exams are a very big deal in Naruto history, and very much opened up the world of Naruto the first time around and allowed for all sorts of new stories. With Boruto not officially a Chunin, but at that level of skill, that means that certain things may be coming in a good way. Especially with the Kara Organization coming in and instilling their own plans for the ninja.

And of course, if he’s at this power level now, that means that he’ll be aiming for that next level to be even close to his father.