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“Your Name” Comes To Japanese Blu-Ray July 26

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Your Name, a body-swapping animated drama, is now one of the most successful films in Japanese history, grossing 24.94 billion yen. It’s become the most successful anime movie ever made, breaking the record previously held by Spirited Away. Over the past five weeks Your Name has been playing in select American theaters (in both dub and sub versions), adding an additional $4.7 million to its take.

How soon can you get your hands on a home version? If you’re willing to import, as soon as the end of July. Your Name will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan July 26 in three versions: a single-disc DVD, a three-disc Blu-Ray with a 100-page booklet and stickers, and a fancy-pants Collector’s edition that has everything the other collections have, plus two more discs and a digest-sized copy of the script.

All 3 releases will have English subtitles. Below is the list of bonuses for each version. We assume whenever this movie is released in the US market, the extras will be the same…though we can’t tell you that for certain. Funimation holds the US distribution rights and has not announced an American DVD or Blu release for Your Name yet.


Standard Edition (single disc):

DVD – 3,800 yen/Blu-ray – 4,800 yen

Bonus item: mini character stickers


Special Edition (three discs with a digi pack and an outer case):

Blu-ray – 7,800 yen

Bonus item: a 100-page booklet, mini character stickers


Collectors’ Edition (five discs with a newly-drawn six-side digi pack directed by Makoto Shinkai and an outer case):

Two Blu-ray discs (regular and 4K Ultra HD) – 12,000 yen

Bonus item: a 100-page booklet, mini character stickers, a reduced-size version of the voice recording script


Bonus footage:

Main Disc:

-Special program “Makoto Shinkal: All People in Japan Fall in Love with His Talent” hosted by Ryunosuke Kamiki

-English subtitles with the English version theme song by RADWIMPS

-Promotional clips (teasers, trailers, TV CMs)

-Makoto Shinkai filmography


Bonus Disc 1:

-Video storyboard drawn by Makoto Shinkai

-Making documentary


Bonus disc 2:

-Visual commentaries by Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, RADWIMPS

-Unused voice clips

-Textless OP movie

-CMs for Suntory’s “Tennensui” water

-“Sparkle [original ver.] -Your Name. music video edition


Bonus disc 3: 

-Makoto Shinkai’s open lecture “The Story of ‘Your Name.’ – The Role of Modern Literature-”

-Footage from various events