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Mythological Heroes Arise For Death Battle’s Hercules vs Sun Wukong!

Hercules vs Sun Wukong

One of the great things about Death Battle is that over their ten years of life, they have gone and touched upon all sorts of “modern mythologies”. They’ve talked about comic book characters, anime characters, video game heroes and villains, movie and TV characters, internet “personalities” and memes and virtually everything in between. But one thing that they hadn’t truly tackled was the basis for all of them, the mythologies and legends of ancient cultures. That has now changed with the newest episode: Hercules vs Sun Wukong.

That’s right, it’s the God of Strength vs. the Monkey King, and at first, these two might seem like true “polar opposites” of the spectrum, but that’s honestly not the case. Both of these characters were ones with “great destinies”, who overcome all sorts of challenges and odds in order to get what they wanted: true godhood.

The fight itself is a very fun 2D fight that embraces the “tales of old” in a variety of ways, and the breakdowns of the mythologies are very well done by the Death Battle team. So if you haven’t seen it already, check out the fight of Hercules vs Sun Wukong below.

Now, as for next time on Death Battle…we have a midseason finale that has been desired by fans for some time.

As we have Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise (who recently had a big return if you recall), versus…the Predator. Yep, it’s a battle of epic hunters in a fight to see who can hunt who the best!

What’s more, this is very likely to be a 3D battle, and as such, the effects and “feel” of the fight will be much grander and play to the strengths of both fighters, such as with the Predator embracing its stealth capabilities.

Who will win? We’ll find out in 2 weeks.