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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Undergoing Dubbing Now

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As of right now, My Hero Academia is well into its 5th season, and fans are all abuzz with all the various developments in the season, including how Class 1-A is stacking up against Class 1-B. However, that’s not the only adventures that the series is going to have this year. Because later on this Summer, a third movie in the franchise, My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission is coming to theaters. And for a while, it was unclear whether the movie would be only in Japan or released abroad. But now we know.

Because the music director for My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission has gone onto Twitter and made the following post:

“Exciting news! We have started to work on the dubbing of My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission,” Sunma47 wrote. “The project was able to come this far thanks to the consistent teamwork of many people led by director Nagasaki and Deku (Daiki Yamashita)!! Plus ultra!”

This will be good news because the US side of the My Hero Academia fanbase is very strong, and is one of the main reasons why the show has become so popular over the years. The irony with the dubbing is that with Season 5 of the show, the dubbed version came well after a month since the subtitled version.

This was due of course to the global pandemic and many of the voice actors for the series had to go and record their lines at home versus their typical method of doing it in a studio. No doubt a somewhat similar thing happened for World Heroes Mission. Especially since Japan is in the midst of a resurgence with the virus.

No word as of yet as to when the dubbed version will reach the West, or where people can go and watch it.