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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Performing Well In Japan

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The My Hero Academia universe is going strong in various ways. Season 5 of the anime has gotten a lot of fans talking, the manga is slowly heading towards its conclusion via “The Final Arc” and in Japan, the third feature film in the series launched with good results. My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission apparently earned $2.81 million in its opening day in Japan, which is 200% more than predecessor Heroes Rising. Showing just how popular the franchise has grown in the last few years.

Now, internationally it has not released, but given that the franchise is booming in America and abroad, and the last two movies were released in theaters overseas eventually, it’s all but assured that it’ll happen. The only reason that the film likely doesn’t have a release date internationally right now is due to the pandemic restricting how voice over work is being done. This affected Season 5 so much that it had a staggered release in terms of subbed and dubbed releases and Funimation even went so far as to go and put a “Thank You” to fans who understood the struggles it took to get everything done.

As for what My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission is about, it builds upon something expressed in a previous season via the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory. It’s the belief that as Quirks go and evolve through new generations they’re going to eventually get so strong they’ll end the world.

A cult-like villain group is apparently going to try and either bring that about, or end it before it happens, and that requires the heroes of the world to team up with certain students from schools like UA Academy in order to stop it all.

Season 5 of the series even had an original episode to act as a sort of prelude towards it all. When a release date for it internationally comes, we’ll let you know!