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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Getting Preview At NYCC

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It’s not surprising that anime series and manga (and various people doing art of these characters and shows) have a big place at major comic book conventions. Especially since the boom of anime over the last decade thanks to certain shows, anime has an even bigger presence than before at Comic-Cons and plenty of attendees love to dress up as their favorite anime characters and connect with those who love their favorite anime program. And for those who go to New York Comic-Con, a special treat will be there in the form of a preview of My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission.

For those not in the know, My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission is the third major film in the franchise. It was long wondered whether one would happen, and then it was approved and released earlier this year in Japan. The English dub is coming and at NYCC a special preview panel will be had:

“Your sneak peek into the next chapter of the global anime phenomenon starts here. Presented by Funimation, the panel includes an exclusive preview of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Hear from the dub cast and crew before the movie hits theaters October 29!”

The movie will feature Deku and many of his classmates, as well as various Pro-Heroes in the world, as they try and stop a conspiracy to go and eliminate all Quirks from existence. Along the way, Deku will be framed for a massive crime and only have hours to go and save the day!

Just in Japan, World Heroes Mission has gone and outgrossed the previous two films (Two Heroes and Heroes Rising) and so when it comes to the US it’s likely to do just as well, if not even better given the success of other anime films here like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.