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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Gets Update

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It’s safe to say that the return of My Hero Academia has proven that the long wait for Season 5 hasn’t dampened the fanbase’s love for the franchise at all. It’s constantly at the top of streaming views and other metrics when it comes to anime, and fans are only getting more excited as the episodes roll out. The twist though is that alongside season 5 of the series is the third movie set to come out later this year via My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission. And now, we have an update from the team about it.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission will continue the “evolution” of the movie plot lines. The first movie was more about All Might and Deku than anything else. Heroes Rising featured Class 1-A going onto an island as an “agency” and having to deal with a world-ending threat. Now, Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo are brought in alongside heroes from across the world to go and face a threat to the next generation of heroes.

According to the sound director for the movie, the film is about 75% done with key characters having already gotten their lines done.

With it being that far along, it’s fair to say that it’ll go and be done before it’s fall release date. It’s also important to remember that there will be a dubbed version of the film coming out to West, though obviously that’ll be a bit longer given the restrictions that many anime studios are facing in terms of sound recording.

In fact, the current Season 5 episodes all note that the VO was done in the homes of the actors themselves in many cases, which is why some of them might sound a little off.

Still, My Hero Academia endures, and you can bet that this movie will go beyond and be plus ultra!