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My Hero Academia Synopsis Teases Original Episode, Not A Recap

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My Hero Academia Season 5 is just a few days away from release in the world and many anime fans are truly pumped. Not the least of which is because the show has consistently been one of the best animes around since its debut. But, the gap between Season 4 and Season 5 has been rather massive due to production times and the global pandemic. That wait though is almost at an end, but in its wake was left many questions about what the “return episode” would be like.

Because while My Hero Academia might be a great anime, it has a VERY bad habit of taking the first episode of every season and doing a very light story in order to facilitate a series of recaps and refreshes to allow fans casual and hardcore to remember all that happened before. It’s kind, but many fans feel it’s unnecessary. And early reports stated that the Season 5 premiere episode would be exactly that, a recap.

However, a synopsis of the first episode from a Twitter user teases the opposite. Check it out:

“When Izuku and the others were spending their morning in the 1A classroom, there’s an announcement that they’ll have an ’emergency training’. The topic is ‘villains are infiltrating UA High School’. This time, the ones who will act as villains are Hado and Tamaki. While struggling in their fight, each and every one of 1A students is making the best use of their quirks and they fight with everything they have.”

This is apparently going to set up both the season arc of Class 1A and Class 1B fighting one another in some “joint training exercises”, but will also apparently set up the third movie of the franchise in some way.

All will be revealed when season 5 debuts in just a few days.