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My Hero Academia Season 6 Gets Photo Update

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia Season 6 was confirmed to be coming quite a while ago. In fact, it was confirmed not long after the season finale of My Hero Academia Season 5. The ending of that teased the war that was coming between the Pro-Heroes of Japan (and by extension, the world) and the Paranormal Liberation Army. Fans are obviously excited for what’s coming, especially since the manga is in its “Final Arc” and there are many big moments to come from the series.

So that begs the question of, what is the status of My Hero Academia Season 6? The answer to that comes from the official Twitter for the series. As they posted an updated with some cover art for a script in Season 6 and as also gave an update on the acting and art for the upcoming season:

“The sixth season’s dubbing has already begun. The sixth season will feature a battle on a scale bigger than drawn before. Please look forward to the cast’s performances when the show broadcasts this fall,” the tweet reads.

Naturally, they are likely speaking cast-wise of the Japanese voices for the characters as Season 6 would come in its subtitled version first and then its dubbed version second, but fans will be ok with that.

The real catch though is that of the talk of the upcoming battle that will be bigger than anything drawn before. In truth, Season 5 was a letdown for fans in terms of not just storylines, but the very battles that were showcased in them. It did have some big moments, but nothing that matched up with what came before. And this war arc is going to be massive in scale and scope, so one can only wonder what is going to happen in it visually.

While there’s no release date for Season 6, it might get one later this year.