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My Hero Academia Season 6 Gets Big Debut In Japan

My Hero Academia Season 6

The hype for My Hero Academia Season 6 was quite considerable and for good reason. First, there wasn’t going to be a long delay between Season 5 and 6 like what happened with 4/5 due to the pandemic. So fans knew they’d get the series back in due time. Second, the sixth season of the anime would feature the “War Arc” that has been built toward for the last few seasons. One that we know is going to feature major casualties on both sides. Finally, the team said that there would be major action within the sixth season that fans definitely want to see.

One week ago was the premiere over in Japan and simulcast thanks to Crunchyroll. But how exactly did it do? Well, as in most things, it has context to it. In terms of overall watching, the anime was the fourth-most watched anime on that day, with a rating of 3.9. For the record, that’s a good thing, especially since the No.1 anime apparently had a rating of 8.1! Hard to beat that, and one of the series that they beat in the ratings was One Piece! So that’s significant.

Another thing to note here is that when Season 5 premiered last year after the long delay, the premiere got a 3.2 rating. That means that My Hero Academia Season 6 had a bigger premiere than last season, which is always want you want ratings-wise.

So all in all, the sixth season is off to a strong start, and we know that many fans are going to be paying attention to next episode because it’ll feature Mirko in the starring spotlight. Why does that matter? Well, fans really love Mirko…for very anime reasons.

There’s still a lot to be done in Season 6, and so while it will be hard to wait for each episode to come, it’ll be worth it in the end.