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My Hero Academia Season 6 Confirmed

My Hero Academia Season 5

There are some things in life that are absolutely guaranteed. And when it comes to certain hit shows getting renewed for as long as the story allows, that is indeed one of the certainties. This brings us to My Hero Academia. The anime is by and large one of the most popular anime of all time, especially in terms of the most recent decade where it almost singlehandedly helped propel anime to new heights. Season 5 has just ended in Japan, and fans are hoping that it won’t take long for Season 6 to get here.

No doubt hearing their cries, the team behind the hit anime released a small video confirming that My Hero Academia Season 6 is now in production. What’s more, the focus of the teaser is that of Shigaraki and Deku, who are going to be major factors in the upcoming season that will dive into one of the most important arcs of the entire manga: the war between heroes and villains.

Yes, as teased in Season 5, there is a war coming, and the manga made it clear that this war (no spoilers, don’t worry) would not just be massive, but have hits taken on both sides, some of which you may not have expected.

Given that the reception to Season 5 has been a bit lukewarm at points (especially given the long wait to get Season 5 because of the pandemic), fans are no doubt going to be chomping at the bit to see this animated.

Thankfully for the My Hero faithful, there is some good news in that new content will be coming to those abroad in the form of World Heroes Mission which is going to be released in October. Outside of that though, it will be a wait for Season 6 to arrive, but when it does arrive, it’s likely to be quite impressive.